Un-starved: A Wellness Podcast for Hungry Spirits

#7 - What is Intuitive Eating Anyway, and Does it "Work"?

March 15, 2023 Emily Anne Morrow Episode 7
Un-starved: A Wellness Podcast for Hungry Spirits
#7 - What is Intuitive Eating Anyway, and Does it "Work"?
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This episode is for you if dieting is no longer working for you and you've been intrigued by the idea of Intuitive Eating, but aren't quite sure what it's about or the extent of how it could serve you.

Here, Emily addresses what intuitive eating is, why it's the far better alternative to a lifetime of dieting, and the specifics of how it helps us to heal our relationships with food and our bodies so we can experience a life of peace and freedom from the chains of dieting.

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Episode intro - it's about more than just hunger and fullness
Pillar 1 - Reject the diet mentality
Pillar 2 - Honor your hunger
Pillar 3 - Make peace with food
Pillar 4 - Challenge the food police
Pillar 5 - Discover the "satisfaction factor"
Pillar 6 - Full your fullness
Pillar 7 - Cope with your emotions with kindness
Pillar 8 - Respect your body
Pillar 9 - Movement, feel the difference
Pillar 10 - Honoring your health with gentle nutrition