Un-starved: A Wellness Podcast for Hungry Spirits

#14 - "Calories In vs. Calories Out" - Is it Really That Simple?

May 03, 2023 Emily Anne Morrow Episode 14
Un-starved: A Wellness Podcast for Hungry Spirits
#14 - "Calories In vs. Calories Out" - Is it Really That Simple?
Show Notes

In this week's episode Emily dives into this common-place dietary guideline that so many of us have heard.

While this is partially true, there are other factors that go into what weight our bodies land on, including our unique gut microbiome and something called "metabolic adaptation".

Emily also touches on an alternative focal point to support your well being on multiple different levels that go far beyond the over-simplistic "calories in vs. calories out" guideline.

If you are on a health journey and want to continue going down a path that focuses on health promoting behaviors regardless of what you may currently weigh, this episode is for you.

Referenced Harvard Medical School article: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/stop-counting-calories

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